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Events in Umbria

Festa di Autunno - September - Valfabbrica
This take place on the first week of september. It is a Festival where the three Rioni of the town: Pedicino, Badia and Osteria make parades despicting scenes from the Middle Ages. The last day there is a Palio with a horse race.

Pace - September - Assisi
From Perugia to Assisi it is an important appointment to manifest for the peace in the world.

Eurochocolate - October - Perugia
Perugia seems transformed into a gigantic pasticceria, with displays, tastings, exhibitions, all devoted to chocolate. Other local towns and villages become involved, and the best of Italian ‘dolci’ are on display.

Easter Celebrations - Assisi
Easter Celebrations in Assisi for the Passion of Christ.

Calendimaggio - May - Assisi
This takes place for three days in the second week in May. The origin of today’s festival dates back to 1927 when singers from the various churches in the city came together to sing songs based on ancient melodies. The city divides into the Upper and Lower parts which compete for the prize of a banner. Success depends on the quality of the singers, the costumes, and the success in depicting scenes from the Middle Ages.

Corsa dei ceri - May - Gubbio
This takes place on the 15th May. Possibly dating back to pagan times, it happens on the anniversary of the death of the patron saint of Gubbio, Sant Ubaldo. The ceri are three enormous wooden pillars, each weighing some four hundred kilos, each one carrying on the top the statue of a saint – Ubaldo, Giorgio, and Antonio. These are carried by three teams from the lower town up the hill to the church of Sant Ubaldo, on the top of Monte Ingino.

Umbria Jazz - July - Perugia
Takes place each year in early July, in Perugina. Started in 1973, it is now one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe, and attracts artists from all over the world.