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Home › In Umbria: Franciscan trail

Stage Gubbio - Valfabbrica

Percorso francescano - Valfabbrica Umbria - Il Castello di GiomiciLeave early in the morning to the south, passing Vittorina church: from here on, the well indicated “Franciscan Path” starts and, in two stages, you will arrive in Assisi. Cross the park and, at the junction, turn left. Pass Cipolletto and Ponte Assi (4 km). Walk along the main road for 1 km and, at the fork, turn right. Go on, cross a stream and, after 1 km, the uphill path starts, arriving at 700 m. Shortly after the dirt track starts and reaches the hermitage of San Pietro (17 km from the departure). The road goes down and, after 1.25 km, the classical path indicates a turning, (*) but you go straight ahead. After 150 m, at the fork, turn right; go on for 160 m and turn right. Go on for 250 m, arriving along the river, and walk on the right. Follow the plane dirt track, ignoring forks, except for the one you find after 2.75 km (**). Here turn right (see a pile of stones on the left) walking up a steep slope. After 500 m, meet a ruin and, after 150 m, enter the asphalt road, turning left. Now an easy walk on the asphalt road is waiting for you: you can save your energy. After 5.5 km, reach Sambuco, go on for another 2.8 km and, at the fork, turn right along the traditional path and, after 3 km, arrive in Valfabbrica.

Walking time: 8 hrs 30 mins – 9 hrs 30 mins.

Stage Valfabbrica - Assisi

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Rivotorto - Assisi… and, finally, you are at the last stage of the Cammino! What a satisfaction! Follow the indications of the Franciscan Path for 16 km. An early morning start is suggested, so you can arrive in Assisi at midday. You will have the time to go into the Franciscan Basilicas (the upper one and the inferior one) and to enjoy the peaceful town: you will breath Francis’s essentiality! Leave Valfabbrica, following the indications to San Nicolò. Abandon the asphalt road in Pioppo, taking an uphill shady path on the right, along a ditch. At last, Assisi is visible from the top of the hill, pass a cemetery and, at the fork, turn right (if you turn left, you can visit the beautiful village of Pieve of San Nicolò). Go down till the fork, turn left along the winding path going towards Torre Zampa. Go down towards the bridge “Ponte Santa Croce” and cross the next bridge “Ponte dei Galli”. Go up and enter Assisi through the gate “Porta San Giacomo”. Now there is a smooth road, quickly going down towards the great Papal Basilica where Francis, Our Brother in Christ, is waiting for us.

Walking time: 4 hrs 30 mins - 5 hrs.